Where Are They Now?

IMG_1405I’m going to put on some ripped jeans, take my shirt off and walk into the Abercrombie store at the mall today (if I can bring myself to get through that impenetrable cologne barrier they spray around the entrance – a scent that I like to refer to as “Adult Repellent”).

It would be great if I could also get a camera crew to follow me around so we could pretend like we’re doing a ‘Where Are They Now?’ documentary on former Abercrombie models.

I’m sure that if I do this there will be people following me, but it won’t be a documentary film crew – more like the police and maybe a handful of chubby chasers. Look for me on the news tonight.

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2 Responses to Where Are They Now?

  1. The writing is always great, but the pictures really put it over the top. That is the exact picture that would comes to mind on a ex-Abercrombie-underwear-hipster.

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  2. Didn’t see you on the news…maybe you should go again.


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