The Lady in Red: The Annihilation of a Great Love Song

While on a lengthy drive, I found myself in the mood for soft rock hits from the ’80’s tonight. I’m probably partial to it from coming of age in the 1980’s, but you have to admit, it doesn’t get much better musically than ’80’s hair metal bands and soft rock.

One particular soft rock song that I’ve always loved is The Lady in Red by Chris de Burgh. If you haven’t heard it, you’re missing out on a great song. It lyrically paints the picture of the first time the artist saw his wife and how spellbound he was by her presence. What’s not to love about a story like that, right?

Well, now let me tell you about how all of that is forever spoiled for me. About a year ago while on a business trip in New Jersey I was surfing the web after work looking for interesting cover songs of it by various artists when I stumbled across Guignol D’Algol’s version.

It seems that Mr. D’Algol has Tourettes Syndrome and has put together a YouTube channel where he performs a karaoke version of several songs (unmedicated). I understand that it’s a terrible affliction, I know that it must be terribly difficult to deal with and there is nothing funny about Tourettes, BUT you have to hand it to this guy for his creativity in playing the hand he was dealt. A pretty admirable job of it to say the least.

Under the assumption that you haven’t seen this video before, I’d like to provide some warnings. 1) clear the children and the elderly from the room 2) don’t click on it if you’re offended by four letter words because there are many, many of them and 3) be prepared to never hear Chris de Burgh’s beautiful version of this song without also hearing this version. (I anticipate that to be the case for the rest of my days on earth.)

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2 Responses to The Lady in Red: The Annihilation of a Great Love Song

  1. TSP says:

    It’s all about playing the hand you’ve been dealt. He is emotionally very strong to be able to do this – make him self vulnerable. I admire his confidence. Great share 🙂

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