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“Would You Like To Ride In My Beautiful Balloon?” No Thanks.

By no means would I consider myself to be anything close to what anyone might call a dangerously adventuresome person but I have ridden motorcycles (street and dirt), bungee jumped, earned my SCUBA certification, flown around the country on both … Continue reading

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We’re Going To Jackson (Better Comb Our Hair)

While driving to Jackson recently, I must have repeated the lyric, “I’m goin’ to Jackson. Better comb my hair” about a million times in my head. The song isn’t true to reality though because when you get there you see … Continue reading

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With A Little Imagination, Every Day Can Be Halloween At The Office

I just rediscovered a picture of a creation that I made for office fun back in the days when I worked in a cubicle. My favorite uses for the mask were to slowly rise up over the cubicle wall to … Continue reading

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The Struggle (to get up) Is Real

I’m pretty sure that all coveted longstanding recreational boogeyboard records in the Male, Over 40, 225lb-plus category were shattered earlier this week when a certain large, pale man from the Midwest took his skills from the muddy banks of the … Continue reading

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If You See Something, Say Something (unless your name is Frank – in that case, just mind your own beeswax)

At around 7am on Monday morning, I already had my first human interaction worthy of documentation. As I pulled up to the gas station for coffee, I noticed a crew of four guys in a car parked next to the … Continue reading

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You Serve It, I’ll Eat It.

I wish that I had thought to take a picture of the steak I had for dinner last night. Let me back up first by saying before you get too nervous about the picture displayed here, it’s just a still-shot … Continue reading

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Quick! Somebody Get Me A Comma!

I just passed this little country market today thought I’d take a picture of their sign because it caught my eye in a bad way. Although I’ve never officially heard the expression “Fudge Peaches” used as a euphemism, the first … Continue reading

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