Radio Active


I’m listening to a Nation of Islam broadcast on one of those public radio stations where the channel begins with an 8. I can’t change the channel because of the guy’s cadence and the fact that he is speaking with such conviction but he’s saying things that don’t even make sense. It is fascinating to me. It seems that his emphasis is more about how his voice sounds good on the radio, instead of thinking about what words are coming out of his mouth. He was trying to say something about the subject he was talking about being a zero sum game but he didn’t use that phrase. Instead, he said, “it’s like algebra. Where 5 = X x Y.” I guess it is like that if we let X=2.5 and Y=2, but I’m pretty sure he wasn’t doing that math and it was just a terrible analogy.

Anyhoo, I rolled up through the dry cleaner’s drive through pickup lane and picked up my dry cleaning as I was listening to the program. I forgot to turn down the radio until after she had already opened the back door of my car, spent some time finding and fiddling with the clothes hanger inside of my car. So she had her head in the car with the speakers blaring commentary that may very well have included the N-word and some pretty aggressive sounding speech in general while loading my clothes.

I didn’t even think about what was playing on the radio and just thanked her and drove away. Hopefully, she didn’t write down my license plate number and turn me in to the authorities so that I’m on some sort of watch list.

Just another day of being me.

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