Quick! Somebody Get Me A Comma!


I just passed this little country market today thought I’d take a picture of their sign because it caught my eye in a bad way.

Although I’ve never officially heard the expression “Fudge Peaches” used as a euphemism, the first thing that came to my mind upon reading the sign was that I’d bet $100 that somewhere this week, two nursing home aides were complaining about their day over a beer when one of them said, “Man, the fudge peaches we picked out of granny’s garden were ripe today!”

I’ve never stopped in to see what they’re selling and I’m pretty sure that will continue to be the case for the rest of my life after having that thought.

Pardon me while I step away to go make sick.

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4 Responses to Quick! Somebody Get Me A Comma!

  1. Chachi Versacci says:

    Gotta be honest with you, thought pretty much the same thing. Throw “fudge” in front of any noun and I’m assuming it’s a euphemism for something dirty.

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  2. Bruce coburn says:

    I passed that place a month or so ago and they had fudge plants. A bit safer maybe than fudge peaches. Or maybe thats where the peaches came from?

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