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Like Many Things, It’s Not As Simple As It Used To Be

I’m not Catholic but on occasion I do enjoy attending fish fries and other festivals they put on down there at the Catholic Church. It’s nice to do a little sinning with folks I don’t normally sin with – with … Continue reading

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This Boy Is On Fiiiiyyyyyaaaaaa!

After a long day on a solo work trip to Atlanta, Georgia, I checked into my hotel, unpacked my suitcase, grabbed a courtesy copy of The Wall Street Journal from the hotel lobby and headed out to The Cheesecake Factory … Continue reading

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If You’re Short On Interesting Facts About Yourself, Here’s One You Can Use…

I hike. I’m a hiker. (I’m not really, but how would you know?) The same as walking but sounds cooler and is usually done in a fall wardrobe and sometimes with a stick. Easy to use as a quick answer … Continue reading

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I Don’t Know, I Just Think That Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts Would Make A Handsome Couple

I feel validated. I have not been proud to admit that somewhere in my top 25 favorite movies list is the romantic comedy Notting Hill (it’s really the only romantic comedy to make the list). Today, while shopping for Science … Continue reading

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I’m Not Always A Jerk, But Sometimes I Am.

On the first of two flights today, the conversation that everyone within four rows was forced to hear was between a twenty-something, go-getter woman who has yet to figure out that putting too much of yourself into corporate America will … Continue reading

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Where Are They Now?

I’m going to put on some ripped jeans, take my shirt off and walk into the Abercrombie store at the mall today (if I can bring myself to get through that impenetrable cologne barrier they spray around the entrance – … Continue reading

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My Super Power? I’m Able To Secrete Nearly Three Gallons of Sweat Just By Standing In Line At The Airport Security Checkpoint. What Can You Do?

For as many flights as I’ve taken in the post-9/11 era, one might think that I’d be relatively comfortable with the TSA (which incidentally stands for Touching Scrotums Assiduously) process. You’d be wrong though. My process usually begins with packing … Continue reading

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