My imaginary job as a ‘new country’ DJ

I conducted a little experiment while driving through Indiana this morning. I decided to turn on a country music station and pretend I was just hired as a DJ for a “new country” station. The idea was to see if I could withstand the job with my strong dislike of new country.

My pretend DJ job lasted 1.5 songs. I stormed out after a song by Luke Bryan where the lyrics suggested his girlfriend was AMAZED that ‘her’ song would be played TWICE in one night on the radio! So amazed, in fact, that the lyrics implied she was even getting a bit randy. I wonder if that dimwit hayseed knows that she could buy the song on iTunes so she doesn’t have to rely on the DJ to play it for her?

I simply couldn’t suspend my loathing of country music long enough to finish my shift. Starting off this Monday a little disappointed in myself for not giving the obligatory 2 week notice.

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