Neil Young, the hurdy gurdy and the Hare Krishna Tabernacle Choir

I rarely pay attention to background music in stores/hotel lobbies/etc. but recently heard the worst song EVER in that category while eating alone in a restaurant.

I’d never heard the song before and it’s hard to describe, but it sounded like Neil Young’s voice singing Hare Krishna mantras, lasted for 10 minutes and there was a hurdy gurdy playing in it along with a sitar. It was bad enough that I mentioned it to the waitress, her eyes lit up and we talked about all of the ways that song sucked for 5 minutes. We were both glad to know that both of us agreed that the song sucks so bad.

Before I paid the bill, I gave her my condolences for having to listen to it every day. She says she’s staying strong because Christmas music will arrive soon.

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