Adele is in the house(party)!

I have nothing against Adele. In fact, I would even go as far as to call her the Francis Scott Key of depressed English speaking women everywhere (because she writes their anthems), but I’d bet money that if you invited her to a party, the mood would turn somber. I think feeling stems from the fact that in nearly every picture I’ve seen of her, she’s either scowling, sad-faced or expressionless.

If she attended one of the many parties I throw, I think that almost everyone would be excited at first that Adele came to the party but after mingling for a while and separately engaging the party-goers in sobering conversations about women’s self-image issues and bad relationship experiences, I think everyone would be ready for Adele to leave because she’s bringing them down.

In the feedback forms I’d receive from the party attendees afterwards (because I always send out feedback forms afterwards), I would expect to see comments that would suggest that future invitations aren’t extended to Adele and maybe we bring in someone like Katy Perry or a cocaine-fueled Lady Gaga to the next one.

I may be way off base on this one but I’m fairly confident that’s how it would turn out.

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