Suburban Desperado

I think it’s illegal to burn leaves within city limits but I just drove past this man’s house who has filled the neighborhood with smoke, which prompted me to look up the regulation.

I should note that I wasn’t going to rat him out and it didn’t bother me in any way, I was just curious. It seems that if fire pits are permitted, leaf burning should be ok. The smell of burning leaves is a pleasant one for me mostly because it brings back fond memories of burning leaf piles on the curb when I was a child.

Under the assumption that it is not permitted to burn leaves in the city, I put myself in that man’s shoes and it really stressed me out for a bit. He probably thought, “I have to get rid of these leaves so I’ll just burn a few and nobody will notice.” His plan to stay under the radar with it had the opposite effect as you could see exactly where the massive smoke plume originated from and the smell of what he was burning was unmistakable. If he were like me, he would go into full-blown-panic-mode once things got out of hand and rush around trying to cover up this illegal activity, all the while picturing himself standing in front of a judge pleading guilty in front of his disappointed family and friends then being led away to county jail for 90 days with a probationary period to follow. Based on a handful of similar experiences that I’ve had myself, I projected that whole scenario on the situation. Things like that are such dreadful experiences for me.

Anyhoo, I left the area and arrived at my destination so that I could quickly look on the city’s website. I didn’t see any clear prohibitions on burning leaves so I guess I put myself on that emotional roller coaster for nothing.

One highlight that I’d like to share though is something I found during my research of city ordinances. I pulled up the “frequently asked questions” section of the website and it seems that “How do I pick up dog poop?” is a frequently asked question in this neck of the woods. FYI: “With your hand in a bag” is the answer.


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  1. Biodegradable bag, I hope… Nice blog

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