Plum Crazy – the Truck

One of the technicians at the oil change place has a purple truck with one of those sun visor strips on the front that says “Plum Crazy”. All of the technicians here appear to be in their mid-40’s – which seems to me a bit too old to be doing that but whatever. I know that putting the “name” of your jacked-up hillbilly truck was the thing to do when I was in high school in a small Ohio farm town during the ’80’s but I haven’t seen that in a while so I thought it was a thing of the past.

I don’t think I would have gone with “Plum Crazy” if that were my truck and I was in to naming the vehicle and publicizing that with a sticker. I probably would have gone with “Purple Nurple”, “Plum Smuggler”, or “Grape Ape” if I were going to name it based on the color, but more likely, I would have put a name tape on it that would make it so everyone would give me a wide berth. Something like “Murderer Onboard”, “Ask Me About My Ebola” or “A Lot of Love to Give”

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