Lord of the Marathon


I happened to get behind this guy in traffic recently. He skipped over the traditional white oval 26.2 car magnet and went with the personalized plate – which, in my opinion, is pretty bold. Especially as you park your car on marathon morning with the other marathoners. To avoid mockery, you’d better win that race (and every marathon) with a plate like that because you’ve essentially crowned yourself “King of All Marathoners” when you take that vanity plate.

Reminds me of a person who used to work as a telemarketer in a financial call center with me who rolled around in a 3-series BMW with personalized plates that said “WALLSTREET”. I didn’t even know her name. We all just called her Wall Street. I’d have probably felt better about those plates if she drove a 7-series, actually worked on Wall Street and wasn’t a telemarketer.

To each his own though. I’m not here to judge – just observe and record.

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