The Rock and Roll Auditor


I am an auditor by trade. I audit, it’s what I do. I didn’t grow up dreaming of this career but my path somehow led to it (and I’m horrible at sales) so here I am. I take care to maintain a high degree of professionalism in my job because, as far as jobs go, this one is pretty decent and I intend to keep it for as long as they’ll have me – all of that plus, ‘bloom where you’re planted’ as my mother would say.

During a recent appointment in a bank branch, I arrived promptly, upbeat and ready to go after listening to a Foo Fighters album during the lengthy drive to get there which was playing on my iPod that was hooked up to the car stereo. I entered the office and asked for the branch manager as is typical.

While waiting for the manager, I meandered around the empty lobby offering friendly nods and smiles to the bank employees who were all looking my way. Coincidentally, I heard the relatively loud music of the Foo Fighters playing and it was the same song that I had just been playing in the car! I thought to myself, this is a pretty cool bank to be playing Foo Fighters songs in the lobby at a louder than normal volume as I tapped my thighs, bounced to the beat and whispered along with the lyrics.

The music continued as I met and shook hands with the branch manager and walked back to the office. As I took my seat, I reached for my cell phone to turn down the ringer for our meeting and realized it had been my iPhone playing the whole time! That’s why they all seemed to be looking at me with half-smiles – because they think I’m a tool!

In these parts, I’m certain that I am now sarcastically known as The Rock and Roll Auditor. I think I’m going to play it up next time I’m there by bursting into the branch, sliding in on my knees, pumping my fist and screaming in my best Paul Stanley (from KISS) voice “Party People! Who’s ready for an audit? I can’t hear you! Who’s ready for an audit?”

When I find that I’ve been an unintentional boob, I sometimes like to double down by playing it up a little.

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  1. Mike S says:

    Haha this is fantastic 🙂

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