Good Pilots Don’t Have Bad Haircuts

I’m nervous because the guy sitting near me is dressed in a pilot uniform and has a horribly botched hair cut.

It looks like a Little House on the Prairie cut where he grabbed fistfuls of it and sawed it off with a hunting knife. This gives off the impression that he’s either had head surgery recently, he’s a mental patient on the verge of a major unraveling or he has a skewed sense of reality and thinks it’s a good look for him.

In any case, I hope he’s not a pilot on my flight, as I’m not comfortable riding with a guy who had either his head opened up recently, is mentally unstable and/or has such bad judgement.

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2 Responses to Good Pilots Don’t Have Bad Haircuts

  1. Meagan says:

    Ha! People with awful hair is awkward… you just don’t want to look at it when they’re talking to you but you can’t help yourself. And they know too.

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