Come On, Fat Boy, Just Bust A Move

I finally acted upon the thought I’ve had for months about changing the alarm clock music in my iPhone.

For months, I’ve been awakened by the sound of Counting Crows’ remake of The Ballad of El Goodo. While its a great song, it’s more road trippy vs alarm clock quality.

Last night I selected Young MC’s Bust a Move for alarm clock music and found it to be perfect when it went off at 5am. Before any note is played, the words “Bust It!” are said (sounding just like “Busted!”) – which immediately prompted me to sit up in bed thinking the police had arrived. Without delay after sitting up, the infectious groove begins and I found myself powerless except to immediately get up and dance to the shower. This all happened in a quick and fluid motion. Waking up with the quick shock right into fancy dancing seems to agree with me.

Bust a Move it is.

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