I’d Like To Teach The World To Meet…With More Efficiency (To the tune of the Coca Cola jingle)


As I sit here in Panera working on my laptop before hopping a flight home, once again finding it difficult to mind my own business, I am silently engaged in the conversation of the two women sitting next to me. These women apparently met online through an ad to sell weight loss supplements from home.

One of the women is a young sales associate who is overly passionate about the product (she’s the one facing me) – she evidently gets a cut of the sales commissions from each person she recruits. She has a wild look in her eyes as she describes the product and explains a thousand ways to sell the product.

The other lady is her potential recruit. When the recruit gets a rare chance to talk, she talks only about the challenges of being a new mom and how it has impacted her relationship with the baby’s father. The sales lady briefly comments on that and then expertly shifts the focus on her miracle product and how easy it is to sell. Within five minutes I could tell that the sales lady has wasted an incredible amount of time and energy to recruit this woman who is seemingly here to make a new friend rather than start a home-based career in weight loss supplement sales.

If I were a meddler in the affairs of others, I’d pull up a chair and straddle it backwards to share my observations about their meeting. It might be a little off-putting at first for both of them but I think that at the end of the conversation, we’d all walk away feeling good about it: the sales/recruiting lady learning to quickly identify prospects who are not there for the right reasons (also a cheesy ABC’s The Bachelor cliche), the prospect learning how to identify the true motives of strangers she meets on line and, last, but certainly not least, me helping the world (two people at a time) to learn how to effectively communicate in a mutually beneficial manner.

As one who strictly observes, and never interferes (unless it’s an emergency), I think I’ll just sit here and continue to appear as if I’m minding my own business though – the path to least resistance is typically my favorite walk.

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  1. cdennis9 says:

    You are good at this!


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