Weeds Don’t Stand a Chance


For many, many years, I have been on a quest. A lengthy and painful journey to find a battery operated weed eater that can give all that I ask of it – edging my walkways and going into weekly battle with me in the fight against unsightly weeds that attack the foundation of my home, my mailbox post, my fence line and mulch beds. Periodically slamming my entry level battery powered Toro weedeater on the ground out of frustration like Pete Townshend at the end of a Who concert, I have nearly worked myself into a manic state due to its lack of competency in the only task that I ever asked of it.

Two weeks ago, my quest appears to have ended. I have finally found my weapon of choice in the Ryobi Connexion 24 volt rechargeable weed eater. With no cord to plug in, untangle and drag to the far reaches of my back fence post and no messy oil and gas mixtures and separate gas can to maintain, the Ryobi delivers what I seek – a powerful cut, long lasting battery charge and edging capabilities with no additional attachments to install.

There really is nothing else quite like it on the planet. I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that the Ryobi has saved my life – the last thing that a portly, middle aged guy exerting himself in this Africa-hot, Midwest summer heat needs is to get stressed and aggravated with underperforming lawn care tools. It really is a cocktail for instant death somewhere on my quarter acre of suburban fescue. Thank you Ryobi for saving this guy’s life and making weed eating a pleasure as opposed to a burdensome task.

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6 Responses to Weeds Don’t Stand a Chance

  1. Matt Ward says:

    Do they have a matching blower that has small tornado force winds?

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  2. Annie C says:

    Ryobi lawnmower, 3 years strong. That little machine is one of my most loyal and steadfast relationships.

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