2008 Honda CRV For Sale 

The following is actual email correspondence (1 of 4 emails) between me and guy named David, a potential buyer of the 2008 Honda CRV we’re selling:

David Writes:

On Aug 18, 2016, at 1:37 PM, David Preston <davidpre13@xxxxxxx.com> wrote:

I am interested in buying your car for my Dad and I want it as a surprise package to appreciate him for his achievements for humanity in general and should be delivered before my arrival to Wisconsin because I stayed in Wisconsin.(home address ;5133 XXXXX Dr XXXXXX, WI 55555)

I am working as a Construction Engineer and we are presently at USA/Mexico border and we do not have access to long distance calling at the moment so am working 25days offshore that is why I have contacted you.

Please I will need to ask a few questions from you:
– Are you the first owner?

– Where is it located at the moment and can I see closer pictures like Engine, dash, tires, interior?

– Does it have any history I should be aware of?

– Does it have any mechanical faults presently?

– Do you have a reason of selling it?

Kindly, write me back to know your decision regarding the item and I will like to be the final buyer and waiting for your reply.
Thank you !!!

I responded with the following:

Hi David,
Thanks for your email. I am excited at the prospect of playing a small part in the surprise you have in store for your father. The 2008 Honda CRV is a classic and although your father is in Wisconsin and you’re offshore, my CRV (offered at market price) will be well worth the minor inconvenience of wiring funds through an international currency exchange as part of a complex series of banking transactions so that he can enjoy this common vehicle that he might otherwise find on the corner car lot near his Wisconsin home!
I’ll need for you to wire $75000 to my bank account because it only accepts deposits in increments of $75000, but don’t worry, I’ll wire back everything in excess of the $10000 asking price in your native currency.

I am currently working the oil fields in Saskatchewan and cell phone reception is sketchy so you will not be able to contact me but I know how important having a used Honda CRV is to reward your father in Wisconsin for his achievements and humanity in general so you can trust me to wire all $65000 back to you so you’ll have it in time for your return from being offshore. 

Please hurry, a Nigerian Prince has offered to exchange a small, solid gold baby for the CRV. It’s a tempting offer so I need to hear from you soon. I would like to sell this to you more than other strangers because I can sense your appreciation for family and I respect and admire that in a person. I hope to hear from you soon!


Mongo (my nickname the guys gave me here in the Canadian oil fields)

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