Wow! Everyone Sure Is Friendly Today.


You know what would make for a great gift you could use to pull a prank on unsuspecting drivers? A Starbucks cup with a suction cup on the bottom.

You could wet down the suction and place it on the roof of your car, like where you might sit it temporarily when you have your hands full and are getting into the car. Then you could drive around.

People in other cars would see your cup and pull up alongside of you to point and try to tell you that you’ve left your coffee on the roof and that it has miraculously stayed there despite the fact that you’ve been driving on the freeway. You’ll know what they’re pointing at and carrying on about but you could pretend that they’re just being really friendly so you just wave, point back at them in a friendly manner and keep driving. They’ll say, “Look at him! He thinks we’re just being friendly! How is that cup of coffee staying on top of the car? Can you believe what we’re seeing?” When you get to your destination, you can matter-of-factly just pick the cup up and take a swig and carry it in to the Home Depot with you.

You’ll just laugh to yourself in satisfaction. The whole time, knowing that you just played a good prank on the other drivers.

*Update: while searching the interwebs for a picture to accompany my blog post, I see that my idea is already taken. Do you people understand how disappointing that is for me?

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