Giving Thanks


I’m going to write to the CEO of Macy’s to demand that they terminate the employment of their current parade director who obviously has a Broadway fetish.

I hate for things to come to a head like this but if they don’t drop the corny musical snippets and replace them with more marching bands, clowns and displays of America’s military might – all anchored by Santa and his reindeer, I’m going to quit buying my corduroys there. I mean it.

In a related note, as we gather together in fellowship for our respective Thanksgiving feasts today, let us not forget to thank growth hormone scientists who have injected these scraggly, flesh-headed birds with serum that made them so darned big, buttery, moist and tasty.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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6 Responses to Giving Thanks

  1. Sonia D'Costa says:

    Happy Thanksgiving! 🙂

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  2. Happy Hormonally Enhanced Fowl Day!

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