What Did That Sign Say?


It’s good to know that whenever I decide to take up vaping as a hobby, there are about 15 vape stores within 2 miles of my house.

The newest, Avail Vapor, must have just opened a week or so ago because I just recently noticed it being there. I believe that the sign is going to cause an accident sooner or later. I say this because I know that every time I have passed it, I have done a double-take because when you’re about 200 yards away from that sign, at night, driving 35mph, you’d swear it says “Anal Vapor” – and each time, a “what the hell did that say?” reaction instinctively comes out of me.

When we drove past it last night, Jason and I talked about it and we both thought that Anal Vapor sounds like the superhero that nobody wants to be around. Like the one who huffs flatulence to gain superhuman strength but he’s sad because people don’t ever call him to help because his behavior is so off-putting.

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6 Responses to What Did That Sign Say?

  1. If anal vapor is a superpower, I know a lot of guys that should have their own comic book.

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  2. Also, my favorite columnist, Dave Barry, would be quick to point out that “Anal Vapor” would be a superb name for a rock band.

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  3. Crystal Wilbers says:

    Bahahahaha! I drive past the one on Houston a couple times a week and that has become my family’s favorite joke. It DOES look like Anal Vapor. We have had our fair share of laughs that in our family there is plenty of anal vapor to go around so we don’t need to shop there. In fact, we could probably sell some ourselves. I wonder if the have a consignment program. HAHAHA!!!

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