Cherry Tomatos: Nature’s Tiny Zombie Heads

I had a handful of those cherry tomatoes as a snack tonight after watching Fear the Walking Dead. The thought occurred to me about midway through the tomatoes that each little tomato is not unlike a tiny human head. I mean, you bite into in and there’s that little snap/crush sound and then the juicy contents are dispersed, in this case, for your enjoyment.

If I were charged with ramping up sales of cherry tomatoes, I might work a deal with the Walking Dead franchise to see if we could paint little zombie faces on each tomato and sell them to the faithful fans. Nothing like crushing a bowl full of tiny little heads while watching some regular sized heads getting crushed on your big screen.

If any of you are in cherry tomato sales, feel free to run with that idea – feel free to take credit for it too. I’m not looking to make a profit here, I’m simply doing my part to make this world a better place one suggestion/idea at a time.

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