The diabetic cat’s ceremonious discharge

I work from home a lot of the time. With that, comes the benefit of getting to know the habits of our dog and cat rather well.

Our diabetic cat is normally pretty slow and lethargic. After seeing what she does around 9am every day, her energy level makes sense. She slowly enjoys her breakfast at 8am, relaxes a little while on the floor and then slinks over to her litter box about an hour later. As she exits her litter box at 9, she expends every ounce of energy in her being as the sounds of rolling thunder bounce off the walls and she sprints some sort of weird toileting victory lap around the house, each time ending up at the front window to loudly meow as if to announce to the neighborhood that she just lost 3 pounds during that litter box session.

Not a bad idea to celebrate the satisfying everyday things in life, in my opinion. Thinking about incorporating my own daily toileting celebration in a similar fashion.

This goes to show that if we watch our pets closely enough, we can take away a lot of good ideas from them to incorporate into our own lives.

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