The ‘hood rat’s headphones

Just saw two ‘hood rats enter the mall decked out in their ‘hood rat gear (baggy pants, flat-billed marijuana leaf baseball cap, ski cap, etc.). The guy with the ski cap put on some of those oversized headphones for the walk with his homie.

Now I don’t know about you, but if I were marijuana leaf hat guy, I’d tell headphone guy that if he wears those headphones while we’re out together, he can just go alone. I’d continue on with something to the effect of “we’re in our mid-20’s and whether this is all an image thing or if you enjoy music that much that you have to listen to it each second you’re awake, this isn’t working for me. You’re either going to need to grow up and act your age or don’t call me anymore to hang out in the mall in the middle of the day. It’s ridiculous that you expect me to walk around with you wearing a set of headphones. That cool guy (me) eating his Chinese food in the food court (and everyone else) is going to think I’m a horrible conversationalist and you’re a tool. Let’s just stop this right now.”

This is probably why I don’t have any ‘hood rat friends…because I just couldn’t leave that whole situation alone.

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