The Unapologetic Grudge Holder

I just saw some guy I knew in high school show up on the People You May Know part of Facebook. It wasn’t a bully-type thing and nothing really bad ever happened to start a feud, but we just always had a strong mutual dislike for/of each other from the moment we met. It was an unusually strong dislike, a loathing really, but that was a long time ago and I honestly forgot all about him.

I have since grown as a person and typically hold no ill will for things that happened when we were all young and still trying to figure things out. At that age, the combination of the use of bad judgment, not being as considerate of the feelings of others and still building the inner strength to stand up to peer pressure and things you believe in is a recipe for behaving in a way you wish you hadn’t then and would never dare now.

Having said all of that, you can imagine my surprise when the first thing I thought and felt when I looked at his beady little eyes in that picture was, “Yep, I still hate your face.”

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