Carolers Give Me Nervous Gas

I just saw a commercial featuring a bunch of carolers doing some caroling. I hope that carolers never darken my doorstep.

I’ve always been very uncomfortable with adults who are comfortable with singing a song right in my face. I see the look in their eye that is looking past my layer of pleasantries to try to see what my true reaction is to their performance of the song. Usually, I think their song sucks but I don’t want to be rude or hurt anyone’s feelings so I concentrate really hard at making sure their deep gaze doesn’t detect the staring caroler negativity that pours out of my soul.

I don’t know whether or not to look them in the eye while they sing at me either. I feel like I should but it’s almost impossible for me to hold a stare while they’re grinning at me and singing. If anyone ever wants to make me wildly uncomfortable, send a caroling church group to my house filled with carolers who insist on making eye contact with me while they sing.

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2 Responses to Carolers Give Me Nervous Gas

  1. Sonia D'Costa says:

    They usually go the rounds at midnight here, and I hardly wake up. This is a good write up … made me smile.

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