Basketball and Frank: Two Great Flavors That Taste Weird Together

Not too long ago, I was in the cul-de-sac near my home playing NBA-like defense against my neighbor when somehow my getaway sticks tangled and I hit the ground like a meteor. I tore holes in my new flannel-lined jeans but did barely manage to avoid breaking both wrists as I used them to brace myself for the earth shaking impact.

Each time I play basketball, I realize why I never became a basketball player. This body was bred for hotdog eating contests instead of games that require skill and grace.

If any of you ever see me out trying to act like I can play basketball again, I’d like to ask that you empty the contents of a can of mace directly into my face and sternly remind me that basketball is unhealthy for me. Don’t feel bad when you do this, it’s for my own good.

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1 Response to Basketball and Frank: Two Great Flavors That Taste Weird Together

  1. rudyblues57 says:

    In college we played pick up games three nights a week on the big floor in the field house. Two solid hours of run and gun. I had the opportunity to see that place again not too long ago. I couldn’t see from one end of the floor to the other because, apparently, my bifocals need some attention. These days flipping to a basketball game with the remote leaves me winded. I stand in awe of your hoop-a-bilities, in spite of your recent attempt at earth shattering. I’m sure the flyin’ 360’s were still there, right?


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