“Oh…My…Gosh!” – every woman who has had her home redesigned on HGTV


While straightening up the house this evening, I left the TV on and it happened to be one of those HGTV home design shows.

Nearly every 3 minutes, I could hear the female home owners crow “Oh…My….God!” (or “Oh…My…Gosh/Goodness!” if they’re church-goers) as they walked in to each room during “the big reveal” – for you who are uninitiated, that’s the part where the designer gets to show off and proudly beams when the homeowners are busy saying “Oh…My…God” (and yes, there are always ellipses between words there to symbolize a slow and even spacing between words as they are spoken).

You would think that the producers would tell these hens that the formulaic OMG is killing the ratings and encourage them to use a wider variety of phrases. Explore the space with their phraseology, if you will. Nope. EVERY episode contains an OMG said in the very same way by these young, female, urban hipsters. How about an occasional “Heavens to Murgatroid!”, “Great Coogly Moogly!”, “Holy Sheep Sh!t!”, “Great Scot!” or something that involves a little variety?

I have grown numb to the other stuff they say on every episode (open-concept, curb-appeal, price-point, pop-of-color, make-it-pop, this is a great space, room for entertaining, etc.). Even though it’s extremely annoying, I have developed a callousness there but the OMG said the same way multiple times a show has got to go. If anyone has any HGTV connections and wouldn’t mind passing along my comments, I’d be much obliged.

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2 Responses to “Oh…My…Gosh!” – every woman who has had her home redesigned on HGTV

  1. rudyblues57 says:

    OMG! I can’t believe you don’t like OMG! It’s the modern equivalent of “Um…” I think it’s what we say now when we want someone to think we’re interested when we’re really not. Because yawning is considered rude. And bad TV.

    But wouldn’t it be awesome if one of those people was “under-impressed?” Or better yet, if they lit into the designer, “This is the worst thing I’ve ever seen, and put it back the way it was before I sue the pants off of you!” Reality Designer TV!


    • fncoffee says:

      Exactly! I would favor a silent and expressionless reaction in the hope that the egomaniac designer would have a breakdown because there’s nobody telling them they did well. I can reinvent HGTV for those of us who think it’s played out. All I need is a chance. You’re hired if they give me the reigns someday.

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