“Can you feel it in your butt?”


Yesterday, while waiting in the school parking lot to pick up my oldest son, my youngest son and I were in the car playing with the air conditioned seats. I received a phone call on my work phone and simultaneously lifted the phone to my ear, cranked up the air on his seat and asked him “can you feel it in your butt?” before I answered the phone with my professional greeting.

Evidently, I hit the “answer call” button on the phone a bit sooner than I thought because a nervous voice on the other end of the line said “no, I can’t feel it in my butt.” When I nervously laughed and explained that it was a question for my son, the caller became even more nervous sounding – which, in hindsight, makes sense.

Thankfully, the caller was someone I knew very well and he seemed to believe my story after I went into a panic-stricken, nervous explanation of the innocence of the situation. It was like a real-life episode of Three’s Company.

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