Cinco de I’m An Idiot


I entered an elevator with a man who appeared to me to be Latino. I was closer to the buttons than he so I asked him which floor he’d like me to select? He said what I thought was ‘cinco’ so I repeated the word cinco loudly and with a little Trebekian flair then immediately froze as I tried to translate in my head which number is cinco.

During my deer in the headlights moment, he clarified (in a voice that had absolutely no hint of any kind of a foreign accent) that he originally said “Second” and that I misunderstood him. He congratulated me on my use of cinco and we had a laugh then he daparted the elevator at floor two and I felt like a jackass. The end.

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5 Responses to Cinco de I’m An Idiot

  1. Aditi Pallod says:

    Oh my god!! That would totally happen to my awkward self…gotta love the placebo though — see a Spanish man, think Spanish. Thanks for the chuckle though! 🙂

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    • fncoffee says:

      Im sure that my head looked like it was going to combust from my red-faced reaction!

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      • Aditi Pallod says:

        Aw, no, don’t be like that!! I’m sure that’s happened to the man before, he probably just thought it was funny. Gosh, I really wish there was a way to just disappear into a hole in the ground after you’ve embarrassed yourself. .-. 😀 But, embarrassments are just part of life along with everything else!


  2. Doug Cooper says:

    My wife is a 1st grade Spanish immersion teacher and she almost peed laughing!

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