2008 Honda CRV For Sale (continued…again)

I received a shorter response from David this morning. Here’s the exchange:

David writes:

On Aug 19, 2016, at 4:42 AM, David Preston <davidpre12@xxxxxxx.com> wrote:

What is the PayPal email so that I can make the payment to you ASAP. Thank you

I respond with:

Good Morning, David!
As always, it’s great to hear from you! What great timing, too! I had just been staring at the picture I finally found of you on the internet after hours of research. Another day closer to the big surprise, huh? Boy, if that isn’t exciting, I don’t know what is!

It looks like it was pretty late at night/early in the morning when you responded so maybe that’s why your response to me was relatively short? I’m not a morning person either. It’s just too hard to put it in gear for the day. I also noticed that you didn’t even mention my idea about the Smurf coin carrier but went right in to the PayPal thing. I was a bit confused by that at first but then I said to myself, “if I know David, he’s just worried that telling me it’s a stupid idea would hurt my feelings!” I know that a guy who treats his dad to a 2008 Honda CRV is a guy who cares about the feelings of others.

I know you’re into PayPal, but since you didn’t say no to using the Smurf-bagged money, I’d like to point out that it wasn’t just the Smurfs who carried and exchanged their money in burlap bags tied off with cord, Gargamel used money that way too. Although he was evil, he was a pretty smart guy so he probably would think my idea would be good too.

To answer your question, I don’t have a PayPal account yet. I’m thinking that once we confirm the Smurf thing won’t work, we can move into PayPal and maybe meet at a public library to set things up and get some coffee afterwards? What do you think? Maybe coffee before, instead?

I haven’t heard back from the Nigerian Prince since we last corresponded but I did see a small, ivory statue of Buddha last night at the Chinese restaurant that I frequent. It made me wonder where this guy got his hands on a solid gold baby, they don’t just grow on trees you know. Probably the work of a shaman in his village. I just hope that the baby is really solid gold and doesn’t have a soft, chewy human center!
Anyhoo, get back with me as soon as you can. We’ll get things figured out in the end but I’m one for enjoying the journey so that’s the way we’ll play things here! LOL! 

Best Wishes Until Next Time,

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