Lady, You’re Making That Beer Look Mighty Tasty!


I’m pretty sure that it isn’t supposed to work this way but as I sit here watching the alcoholic on A&E’s Intervention repeatedly chugging cold 22 ounce beers, she made me REALLY thirsty for a beer because of the way she was going after it so hard.

They probably showed her taking 20 or so huge drinks throughout the first have of the show. She wasn’t sipping it either. Each tip of the can involved about six of those “glug, glug, glug, glug” kind of swallows. It looked SO refreshing each time. I know that these shows are designed to highlight the perils of excess so I tried to put my desire for a cold one out of my mind and focus on the lesson to be learned here, but after only 10 minutes into the show, my thirst could no longer be denied so now I’m chugging my own 16 ounce PBR with her as I ready myself for the big intervention.

On a positive note, she also has a huffing addiction and to this point, I don’t find myself to have the urge to sniff my household cleaning products…but the night is still young.

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