O Christmas Meat, O Christmas Meat…


Late this afternoon, I was notified by one of my sons that a large styrofoam cooler was sitting at our doorstep.

Upon further investigation, I noticed that it was a huge assortment of Omaha Steaks addressed to me! There wasn’t a card inside or anything to reveal who would be so kind as to send me the gift of meat but there it was – an assortment of tasty steaks, chops, meatballs, apple tarts, sausage and other things that please me. Only a message that said “Merry Christmas” appeared on the shipping label where the sender can personalize a note.

For a moment, I had to think back to see if there may have been a point within the last week or two where I may have had too many drinks and ordered online meat for myself but I’m certain that couldn’t be the case because I stay in control of myself these days.

I’ll find out who did this and when I do, I’ll seek you out so that I might gaze longingly into your eyes where you will see my soul and how it dances at the receipt of mail order meat. We’ll follow up that gaze with a long and meaningful hug that conveys my appreciation of your thoughtfulness.

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5 Responses to O Christmas Meat, O Christmas Meat…

  1. Merry Carnivore Christmas!

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  2. Is the weather good enough for grilling? If so, you’re going to have yourself a Merry Christmas indeed, with hopefully some good beer on tap.

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