Crazy Nuts


It was a chilly day in the Florida Panhandle, but for some reason, that didn’t stop me from throwing on a sweatshirt and shorts then hopping on my motorcycle for a ride to visit one of my friends and his wife at their house that was off of the military installation where I lived at the time.

About five minutes into my 15 minute ride, the breeze that had been entering the scoop in my shorts that led to my nether regions made me feel as if I were riding with no pants on. Uncomfortably cold and numb from the waist down, I arrived at my friend’s house and went inside.

His wife was sitting on the couch and looked at my shorts and almost screamed what I thought was “Frank! Your nuts!”. I instinctively moved my hands to my lap to cover myself, feeling sure that somehow my bits had exposed themselves and I was hanging brain in front of her in her own living room. A true feeling of dread and embarrassment spread over me.

Soon after she quit laughing, I realized that she meant “Frank! You’re nuts!” because you’d have to be crazy to ride a motorcycle in shorts when it was that cold outside – you know, THAT kind of nuts.

Let this story help to illustrate the practical application of understanding the material difference between the words ‘your’ and ‘you’re’.

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  1. Takes balls to write about nuts.

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