Cup of Carcinogens For You?


It has been a while since I’ve given Delta Airlines a chance to serve me a cup of coffee. Since that time, they’ve converted to the exclusive use of Starbucks – a coffee that I’m familiar with and tend to enjoy.

Today they wheeled the cart by with some freshly brewed coffee after a snack and some water. It sounded good to me so I asked for one.

Let me tell you, the switch to Starbucks isn’t helping at all. I took one sip and threw it away. As I handed the full cup of to the flight attendant and she gave me a quizzical look, I asked her if she has ever tried the coffee. She said “yeah, it’s Starbucks so it’s kind of strong isn’t it?” I started to tell her that I usually drink cowboy coffee that’s strong enough to stand a spoon up in and leaves coffee grounds in my teeth but I could see in her eyes that she wasn’t ready to hear all of that so I just handed it to her with a smile and a nod.

The best coffee beans in the world will make a cup of coffee that tastes like ass when you use a cup of polluted water to brew it. I hope that I don’t catch the cancer from that little sip that I just took. Never again.

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  1. beautyboozeandbudgeting says:

    🤢😩 Goodness! I’ve got a trip coming up — taking note! Lol

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