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Come On, Fat Boy, Just Bust A Move

I finally acted upon the thought I’ve had for months about changing the alarm clock music in my iPhone. For months, I’ve been awakened by the sound of Counting Crows’ remake of The Ballad of El Goodo. While its a … Continue reading

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Sales: Dampening Spirits and Killing Souls

On a recent business trip, I sat near a couple in the hotel dining room close enough to them to know it’s a male sales manager and female salesperson in a performance review. They keep telling each other ‘what a … Continue reading

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Ladies and Gentlemen! I give you the worlds brightest alarm clock! Capable of heating the room and even burning a man’s flesh in the night with the intensity of its powerful LCD display; ensuring that no man, woman nor child … Continue reading

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They Are SUPPOSED To Be Cleaned Before My Arrival

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A while back during a trip that involved a solitary stay at a Hampton Inn, one of their gimmicky post-it note notices caught my attention more than it usually does.   “One would certainly hope that you washed them”, was … Continue reading

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When We Assume, We Make An Ass Out of John From Arkansas

In a very unorthodox move at the hotel last night, a man named John from Arkansas surprised us by joining the small table shared by me and a colleague at the manager’s reception at Embassy Suites despite the fact that … Continue reading

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Might As Well Face It, I’m Addicted To Blintz

If a hotel wants to keep me happy, then it must never make blintzes with an exotic pineapple/pink grapefruit sauce-drizzle available to me one morning but not the next. I feel that you either need to make those blintzes available … Continue reading

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the Waldorf Astoria Diving Experience

Parked in front of my hotel are three cars next to a sign that says “The Waldorf Astoria Driving Experience.” There’s a Porsche, a Ferrari and a Lamborghini. Naturally, I approach the front desk to see what a guy needs … Continue reading

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