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Yo, DJ! Drop the Beet.

Ordered this at dinner recently; strictly so I could say “Thanks for laying down those funky beets” when it was served. (A great idea borrowed from Zach Galifianakis – it was so satisfying to use that line and the reception was … Continue reading

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The Lady in Red: The Annihilation of a Great Love Song

While on a lengthy drive, I found myself in the mood for soft rock hits from the ’80’s tonight. I’m probably partial to it from coming of age in the 1980’s, but you have to admit, it doesn’t get much … Continue reading

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Belle of the Blog

Hey everyone! I received a great review from Belle on my blog! In her comments, she calls me her loved one and my blog posting is “great written and include approximately all significant infos”! No matter what other great things … Continue reading

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Christmas Songs, Church Songs and Coffee

I just spent nearly 7 straight hours in the car listening to uninterrupted Christmas music on Pandora and I’m not even sick of it. I realized that I’m a Christmas song traditionalist though, favoring artists such as Nat King Cole, … Continue reading

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“I’m a Medical Doctor. I have a fiancé.” (And I’m a Horrible Conversationalist With Strangers in Airport Terminals.)

You know what’s great? Being the silent observer to some conversations I’ve been watching. I have been sitting in an adjacent row of seats in an airport terminal near a young woman for about an hour now. This lady is … Continue reading

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Suburban Desperado

I think it’s illegal to burn leaves within city limits but I just drove past this man’s house who has filled the neighborhood with smoke, which prompted me to look up the regulation. I should note that I wasn’t going … Continue reading

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You Say ‘ba-LAZZ-mik’, I Say ‘ball-sa-mik’

I was offered a selection of salad dressings over the drive thru speaker at a Burger King in Indiana recently. According to the drive-thru worker, one of my choices was the “Honey Balasmic” [(sic) – pronounced ‘ba-LAZZ-mik’] dressing. As one … Continue reading

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